Adventure in Desert

Adventure in Desert

Christopher McCandles has beautifully quoted that, "The very basic core of man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure."

An adventure is all about engaging in an unusual and exciting, typically an electrifying experience or activity. It is all about stepping out of the comfort zone to face the experiences and enjoy the beauty that life has framed for us. The Osian resort camp at Thar Utsav, jodhpur furnishes your adventures with unstoppable pleasant memories, often necessary for reminiscing.

Thar Utsav has an exclusive Osian desert camp , jodhpur unlike others. Our team takes the pleasure to invites you to visit and have an experience of our alternative lifestyle trademark. We promise you for the opportunity where you can push your boundaries and refresh your zest for life. Thar Utsav promises you a flawless track record of offering the best of adventure activities experiences.

At Thar Utsav, you will acknowledge a sense of accomplishment which will regenerate and rejuvenate your body. Come and be a part of this colourful and traditionally nourished land and unleash your adrenaline.

So let us check out the list of adventurous activities available for our esteemed guests.